2017 Honda CR-V - Best Compact SUV - Apple Honda Long Island NY

Honda CR-V Nominated As Best Compact SUV

Compact SUVs are great vehicles for families; it lets you own a vehicle with all the space of an SUV without sacrificing the efficiency and driveability that comes with a smaller car. Through a combination of practicality and value, the 2017 Honda CR-V has become a favorite in the segment, even being named the best compact SUV by Yahoo! News on the site’s 10Best Car and SUV List for 2017.

2017 Honda CR-V - Best Compact SUV - Apple Honda Long Island NY

The excellence of the Honda CR-V is attested to by its popularity. The SUV has been around for twenty years and five generations, and over the course of that time it has remained fairly consistently in the top ten best-selling vehicles in the US. The 2017 model doesn’t disappoint on that front, showcasing great features like a capable and fun-to-drive powertrain, a CVT for boosted fuel economy, and an attractive exterior redesign.

Yahoo! News’ website is startlingly free of any of the great comfort and luxury features that comes both standard and available in the CR-V, but that’s for a reason – what makes the Honda CR-V the best compact SUV is not its upscale luxury, but rather the solid foundation of capable, functional practicality for a great price that makes the vehicle so popular in the first place. The incredible value inherent in the Honda CR-V is worth a ranking on any 10Best list.

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