What is the Clean Pass Program?


New York is known for streets packed full of cars and pedestrians alike, especially during rush hour. No one knows how bad congestion can be than those who travel along the 40-mile Long Island Expressway every day. Fortunately, the Clean Pass program allows drivers of high-efficiency vehicles to use high occupancy lanes regardless of the number of passengers.

The New York State Department of Transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Department of Environmental Conservation jointly run the Clean Pass program.

Prior to the program’s launch, the Long Island Expressway High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes were reserved for vehicles with more than two passengers and motorcycles during high-travel hours. The Clean Pass program opens up the lanes to vehicles that meet a few extra requirements.

First, vehicles must earn at least 45 mpg on average. Second, they must also meet the California Air Resources Board SULEV emissions standard.

Honda has quite a few vehicles that meet those requirements, including the Honda Fit (2013, 2014); Insight (2000 to 2006); Civic Hybrid (2006 to 2010); Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle (2008 to 2013); and Honda Accord PHEV (2014) and Accord Hybrid (2014, 2015, 2017).

Drivers who own any of these efficient vehicles are free to use the High Occupancy Lanes any time they please!

We here at Apple Honda are more than happy to find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and has approval to use Clean Pass lanes!

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